End of Summer Party Drinks

8th January 2024

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September may be here to mark the beginning of Autumn, but the Summer sun hasn’t given up on us just yet. We think that you should make the most of every last balmy afternoon and enjoy a few cocktails in your garden. Fire up the barbecue, set up the deckchairs, and invite a few friends while you can! And be sure to make up a few jugs of these drinks – they are the perfect accompaniment to watching the sun go down.

Pineapple Daiquiri Punch

This super-sweet, fruity concoction will taste amazing in the sunshine. Made with fresh pineapple, rum, ginger and lime, it is easy to make a batch big enough to share with friends so that you can gossip the afternoon and evening away!

Whiskey Punch

Despite the name, the real star of the show in this drink is the simple honey syrup that adds a delicious sweetness to the punch. Made with honey and water, it is combined with whiskey, lemonade and soda to make an amazing cocktail bowl garnished with lemon. Any guests you invite to sit in your garden won’t know what’s hit them!

Tea Thyme Soda

Sometimes you really just feel like sipping a cup of tea, but on days when the weather is warm, a hot drink can make you feel uncomfortable. Luckily, the Tea Thyme Soda combines the soothing taste of black tea with lemon juice, bourbon and soda for the perfect end-of-summer cocktail. The black tea is actually part of a syrup, made up of tea bags, water, sugar and cinnamon. The mix of caffeine and alcohol makes for an irresistible drink.

Tipsy Arnold Palmer

In a similar vein, but not as syrupy, the Tipsy Arnold Palmer is also sure to please tea-lovers. Made up of tea, sugar, lemon, orange, bourbon and lemon juice, this cocktail has got a citrusy tone that will make every hour happy in your home.

Bowie Knife Cocktail

Sometimes you just need something sparkling to truly relax, and this Bowie Knife Cocktail certainly hits the mark. Gin, lemon juice and simple syrup blended in a cocktail shaker with ice and then topped with sparkling brut rose is surprisingly easy to drink and will always remind you of summer.

Hopefully these cocktails will help keep the summer vibes going for longer, so you can party the weekends away in the last of the sun. You will miss these warm evenings when the nights start to draw in earlier and the days get wetter and cooler, so embrace every bit of sunshine.

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Bartender's top tip

In mixology, details matter. A slight chill on a glass, a perfectly measured ingredient, or a fresh garnish can elevate your cocktail from good to exceptional. Always seek perfection.

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