Exotic Cocktail Bars Around the World

8th January 2024

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When the rich and famous travel the world, they want to visit the most exclusive, trendy and exotic bars they can find. With money of no object, and the world as their oyster, there are a number of beautiful destinations to visit. A selection of the world’s most exotic bars is listed here.

Sky Bar, Bangkok, Thailand

At 820 feet high, this bar is possibly the tallest in the world, and offers amazing views of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River. It is great for thrill seekers, as the only barrier to falling from the roof is a glass wall that comes up to chest level. Entrance is free, but there is a dress code, and few areas to sit in the colour-changing bar area. The restaurant is on the other side of the bar and is often booked up weeks in advance.
The bar has become more popular since it was used to film The Hangover II. The Signature Hangovertinis, created by mixologist Ron Ramirez, were created for the cast.

La Bâoli, Cannes, France

The red carpet often comes out to welcome celebrities to La Bâoli. Entrance is decided by the picky bouncers who decide who can go straight in and who has to wait in the queue. Once visitors enter through the temple-style doors they are greeted with a minimalist décor in purple and white. Out on the veranda, guests can enjoy the beautiful views of the French Riviera, surrounded by palm trees and white, silk drapes. Inside are huge, velvet sofas and candle lit tables. Strong cocktails are served alongside Asian-style nibbles. The venue caters for VIPS, who can hide-away in dedicated rooms.

Wink, Mumbai, India

Wink boasts an impressive range of drinks, with 25 different vodkas, 40 brands of whiskey and a wide variety of wines. It also has an extensive cocktail list including the signature Winktini and Wasabi Martini. There is also a refreshing range of alcohol-free drinks. Instead of the standard peanuts you might expect in some venues, free nibbles at the island bar include Wasabi peas.
Set in the Taj President Hotel, the bar was designed by renowned interior designer Noriyoshi Muramatsu. He added unusual features to an otherwise earthy décor, including brick walls at unusual angles and metal grills.

iKandy, Dubai, UAE

iKandy is an outside venue situated on the fourth floor of the Shangri-La Hotel, right on the pool deck. It is only open between October and March to make the most of the best of Dubai’s weather, and can only hold a maximum of 120 people. These factors make it an extremely exclusive venue, and is definitely the place to be seen.
The views over Dubai are beautiful and give a clear sight of the Burj Hotel. The bar is decorated in candy pink tones, with white curtains and palm trees. The music is very mellow and shisha pipes are available to give a chilled out vibe. Signature cocktails include the Showy Superstar and the Balsamic Martinez.

Ray’s Bar, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Up on the 62nd floor of the Etihad Towers Hotel sits Ray’s Bar. The highest bar in the capital, it provides breathtaking views of Abu Dhabi and the Arabian Gulf. The lighting is very low, and alcoves and velvet drapes ensure a private and intimate atmosphere. Private rooms are available for even more exclusivity. The Jelly Martini is the bar’s signature drink which includes lumps of jelly floating in a sharp, fruity cocktail. The experienced bar tenders make bespoke cocktails on request, and Asian tapas is available.

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Bartender's top tip

Bitters can add depth and complexity to your cocktails, acting like the "spices" of the drink world. A few dashes can transform a simple drink into something far more sophisticated. Experiment with different brands and flavors of bitters, ranging from the classic Angostura to more exotic options like orange, chocolate, or celery bitters.

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