8th January 2024

We are proud, oh so proud, to release the NEW Make me a Cocktail, which we've cleverely named version 2.5. The new update comes with a massive sleuth of added functionality, new imagery, new additions, as well as a whole host of tweaks, bug fixes, minor alterations and security updates. With so many changes and enhancements we're super stoked to see how users carry on getting the most from the site, and see how all you people interact with the new site. We're committed to continually evolving and updating the site to give the users the most from what we can provide, and we really wanted to showcase that in this update.
We've altered so much, it wouldn't be prudent to list them all here (a much more complete textual list for thos interested just here), but here a just a few of the cool new things you'll find around the site:

New Omnisearch Box

We pre-rolled out this feature a couple of months back in a beta form, but now it is ready for alpha release. In the top right you'll notice over all pages a cool search box. Start typing in this box and you'll see contetual results based on your search criteria build up for you. Added to this release is a tweak in the visual results, as well as adding cocktails that contain an ingredient that you might be searching for.

Account Overhaul

As our site has grown and new functionality added, especially some key updats for members, we realised that the account section just wasn't up to the job of keeping all that information organised and useful for the user. As well as a new amazing dashboard, we've removed some bits, added some others, and created a whole new preferences panel so the users can control more of how the site responds to them. The dashboard is simply quite aesthetically lovely, and gives you a great overview of the site.

Sparkly New Badges

Along with the new account section, our badge designs were stuck a little in the past. So we hired an truley amazing designed to produce some lovely new badge designs for us. She did a great job, and you'll notice these amazing new badges throughout the site.

Site Widgets

One of the things we love about the web is the ability to share and give information to users as / when they want it. To that end we produced our very own site widgets for everyone to place on their own website / blog / web-app. We developed a 'Site Widget Builder' so its easy to create the widget to your own specs and make sure it blends in with your own website. Want to show a certain cocktail, or give users the ability to search for cocktail on YOUR OWN site - sure no problem. Why not check it out and add a widget to your own blog!

Result Tiling Display

The results screen now has a view toggle so you can choose to not only view the results as a list with info, but also as tiled images so you can pick and choose a great lookign cocktail. It really is quite visually pelasing to use, one of our favourite new updates!

Cocktail Microbadge

As we collected more and more information on cocktails we realised we wanted to showcase this information is a useful cool way that we could extend and have fun with. And thats where Cocktail Microbadges come in. So far we've got 14 different microbadges that a cocktail can have, from 'Featured in 10 or more lists on the site', to 'Contained in Simon Diffords Top 100 Cocktails', or 'Featured in The Savoy Cocktail Book'. You'll see the microbadges that a cocktail has shown on the cocktail page underneath the method. A full list is on the Badges and Repution page.

Pardon the interruption

Did you know that you can become a member for free, taking your cocktail making skills up to level 11. You can save your My Bar ingredients, make tasting notes, have personalised Tried and Want to try lists and more.

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Bartender's top tip

Make a show of it! Part of the fun of cocktails is the preparation. So prepare cocktails in front of guests and friends to share and enjoy the whole experience.

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