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8th January 2024

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There is something pyschologically attractive and useful about the making or collecting of items within a list. It helps you remember things, can brings order from chaos, allows you to clear your mind of trying to remember said things, most are finite and meaningful. This list goes on (pun intended)! Just look at the swathe of 'to do' applications on the internet allowing you to collate your jobs in an easy to manage list, the way people create bucket lists, the amazon wish list, the way people write lists at home for shopping, parties, DVD collections, lego sets ..... (I thought that was just me - ed).
Which is a very long buildup into showcasing some of our favourite lists on Make me a Cocktail, and explaining exactly what they are, how you create one and the options you have!

Simply put - a list on our site is a collection that you create to hold a set of cocktails that have some relation to each other. Members and staff here have created a host of lists (from Superbowl Cocktails to a members favourite), but how do you go about actually creating one?

Creating a List

Firstly you need to be a member. Once signed in click on Listmania and down the right hand side is a box to 'Create a List'. That will take you to the initial list creation screen. From here enter a name for the list, a description of what the list is about, and then start adding cocktails to the list. It's really easy all from that one screen, and we've tried to make it as streamlined as possible.

There is also one other option we wanted to highlight, and that's privacy. You have 3 options for privacy and are as follows:

  • Public - the list is public on the site. As long as it has more than 2 cocktails in (otherwise we don't define it as a list) the list is searchable and findable by anyone on the site.

  • Private - the list is private to you. You and only you can see the list.

  • Protected - the list is password protected. The list can't be found by searching, but you can send the list link to people and they'll be asked to enter a password to view it.

With those 3 privacy options we've hopefully opened up the possibilites of what lists you can create. For instance if you wanted to create a list for a birthday party you're having, then maybe create it as protected and send it around to all your friends with the password!

There is also other ways to add a cocktail to a pre-existing list. After any search, or if you are viewing a cocktail on the site, one of the options you have is to add it to a list. Click the small green plus icon and a pop-up will appear with a box to type in the list name to add it to. Just click in the box and we'll show you your lists so that you can add the cocktail to a list.

Our Favourites

Over the past few years since we opened our doors hundreds of lists have been created, but heres our favourite 5 (correction 6, we couldn't narrow it down):

  • Bond Cocktails - a collection of every cocktail that bond drinks throughout the franchise. Amazing!

  • Haunting Halloween - cocktails to bring out over halloween to scare, inspire and aid that halloween themed party you might be having

  • Valentine Cocktails - some of the hottest (and pinkest cocktails) out there to bring out on Valentines night.

  • Cocktails For Weddings - listing some of the most popular drinks that are used at weddings. Obviously heavily champagne based, but some curve balls thrown in as well.

  • Christmas Drinks - One of the oldest and favourite lists on here, we always come back to this over Christmas time.

  • Olympic Cocktails - we love this Olympic themed cocktail list from one of our members. Good work!

But as they say, the list is endless, when it comes to creating lists. We've only highlighted a few here, but why not head on over to Listmania and see what else has been created. You never know, maybe theres a list out there for your next event you're having.

Pardon the interruption

Did you know that you can become a member for free, taking your cocktail making skills up to level 11. You can save your My Bar ingredients, make tasting notes, have personalised Tried and Want to try lists and more.

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Bartender's top tip

Serving your cocktail in a chilled glass can greatly enhance its enjoyment, keeping it at the optimal temperature for longer. Simply fill the glass with ice and water to chill it while you prepare your drink, and then dump it out just before straining your cocktail into the glass. This is especially important for stirred, spirit-forward drinks like Martinis or Manhattans.

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