4 Steps To Creating A Night Out At Home!

We are almost out the other end of 2020, and what a year it has been for us all! If you’re like me, you’ve likely reignited a love for your home, making it a hub for family and a space for socialising and relaxing, spending more time just being in the moment rather than chasing the next place to go or the next thing to do!

While I have been in various forms of lockdown, I have taken great pleasure in recreating some of my favourite cocktails I thought I could only really have in bars, because they made them taste so good and was all part of the experience to enjoy in the setting of the venue of choice for the evening. While I have certainly been missing out on late night jaunts with my closest friends, I have re-created a night out with pals in a few simple steps!

1. Stock up on ingredients

Although I boast a fairly good selection of spirits at home, I didn’t seem to have the key ingredients for my favourite cocktails. Write down your favourite cocktails and see what key ingredients you’re missing at home – this makes up your shopping list! If you need a little help on the ingredients needed, search for the cocktail on makemeacocktail.com. It’s amazing how this little up-front investment in spirits will save you money in the future as these bottles last for such a long time! If you’re like me and just want your spirits delivered, order from Wine.com who have absolutely every drink or spirit you need and will deliver straight to you!

2. Get your equipment

I use my cocktail shaker nearly every time I want to make a cocktail. It’s nothing fancy and has lasted years, so recommend finding a stainless steel, dishwasher friendly one to expand your cocktail making potential!

3. Create your playlist

Have you ever been to a bar where they didn’t play music? Neither have I! I have always felt a sense of peace listening to piano music while sipping a cocktail of choice. I’m currently listening to this amazing piano player Becky Ainge who has a ready-made Spotify playlist if you’d like to have some background music!

4. FaceTime your best buddy!

 No night is complete without having one of my partners in crime by my side on a night out, so why should that be any different in lockdown?! Once you’ve made your cocktail and got your playlist on the go, call your mate, have a chat about whatever the hell you want and chill!

What are you doing to recreate your nights out at home?

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