3 Cocktails and Drinks for Special Occasions

  • 21st March 2021

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Whether it is Sunday brunch, a Friday night out, celebrating an anniversary, holding a birthday party, going on your first date or enjoying happy hour, there are many special occasions where a drink is part of the story. For most people, the choice is usually between beer or wine, but there is so much more to explore. Here we look at cocktails that will suit any occasion with variations on margaritas and whiskey sours as well as champagne cocktails


Most Champagnes are a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes. A deluxe Cuvee, the highest quality Champagne, is ideal for anniversary celebration ideas for a couple. Vintage Champagne has a fuller flavour than lighter non-vintage Champagne.

Elderflower & champagne cocktail

Mix 1 tsp elderflower cordial, 25ml gin, 25ml lychee juice and a few dashes of lemon bitters with chilled champagne to make a superb cocktail that tastes like summer all year round. Pour 1 tsp elderflower cordial into a champagne flute and then add 25ml gin, 25ml lychee juice and a few dashes of lemon bitters if you have them. Top with chilled champagne and enjoy this taste of halycon summer days.

Champagne cocktail

This is a sophisticated cocktail that requires that you put one white sugar cube in the bottom of a champagne flute. Shake two dashes of angostura bitters or other bitters onto the sugar cube and let it soak in for a few seconds. As an option, you can add 2 tsp of brandy if you like, then top up with chilled champagne. Use a twist of orange peel over the top of the glass to release some of the oils, then drop into the glass to serve. Serve with an orange twist garnish.

Porter and champagne

Combine porter or a light stout with champagne to make an unusual cocktail that takes its inspiration from Black Velvet. This is a drink to impress, being both rich and indulgent. Simply half-fill a champagne flute with porter or a light stout, then top up with chilled champagne.


The origin of the Margarita recipe is fiercely debated, but with tequila, triple sec and fresh lime it’s a tart, zingy and satisfying cocktail most likely from Mexico.

Pineapple Chilli Margarita

For a fun twist on a traditional margarita, use pineapple and replace the salt rim with a mix of chilli powder and sugar. In a shaker filled with ice, add 60ml of tequila with 25ml of simple syrup, 25ml lime juice and a couple of dashes of triple sec. Add three muddled pineapple chunks.  Shake vigorously. Rub the lip of the glass with a mix of a pinch of chilli powder and sugar, strain the mixture into a glass over ice and add a rosemary sprig to garnish.

Skinny Margarita

A skinny margarita does not include triple sec that is in a traditional margarita. Take the juice from half a lime, a dash of orange juice and a tablespoon of sugar and shake all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker.  Strain over ice and garnish with a slice of lime. For added flavour add frozen chunks of pineapple, fresh jalapeno, basil or mint to the cocktail shaker.

Whiskey sour

Whiskey sour

In a shaker, over ice, add the following: 50ml bourbon, 35ml lemon juice, 12ml of sugar syrup and two dashes of Angostura bitters with ice and half a fresh egg white. Shake vigorously and strain into an ice-filled tumbler. Squeeze the lemon zest with the shiny side down over the drink so the scented oils spray across the surface. Discard the zest and garnish with a slice of orange.

New York Sour

A New York sour has whiskey, red wine, orange bitters and lemon juice that will taste just like a drink in a Manhattan cocktail bar. Pour 50ml of rye whiskey, 25ml lemon juice, 2 tsp of maple syrup and a dash of orange bitters into a cocktail shaker. Add a generous handful of ice and shake again before straining into an ice-filled glass. Finally, pour the red wine slowly on top and wait it to rise to just under the frothy egg white for an impressive look.

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