Badges, Reputation and Microbadges

Everything a member does on Make me a cocktail can earn them badges and/or reputation. Each is a little award given to a member for carrying out certain actions on the site. We use this machanism to promote members activity - and therefore not only show which members have contributed most to the site, but following on, which members have a more trusted voice.

We 'tip our hat' over to the guys and girls at Stack Overflow and their sister sites, who run a similar scheme for their websites, and where we gained our inspiration from.


Badges are one time awards that each member can only recieve once - and are given out for certain great actions that people carry out. Some of our 40+ badges you can recieve include:

  • Home Enthusiast - Awarded to members who have created a MyBar that has 60 or more ingredients
  • Sharp shooter - For members who are the first to comment on a cocktail, list or blog post
  • Digiphile - Awarded to members who share, retweet or google plus a cocktail, list or blog post
  • Badger - For members who contribute an idea for a new badge that becomes live on the site
  • Cataloguer - For members who have created 10 or more complete lists

Every member automatically receives the 'Citizen' badge for joining the site. Some badges are fairly easy to achieve, where as others take time and great additions. A list of all the badges are over on the right. Hover over or click on the badge for more inforamtion.


Reputation is a points system that is earnt by members when they carry out great activity on the site. This ranges from as little as making a vote on a cocktail, to as far as creating and addings cocktails and lists.

You also earn more reputation by creating better items - for instance, if a cocktail you created earns a positive vote - we award you some more repution for creating a new recipe someone else likes.

Reputation can be earnt (or forfeited) for a host of different actions, including:

  • voting on cocktails or lists
  • creating a new cocktail
  • completing a list
  • completing your profile
  • creating a My Bar
  • gaining new badges
  • commenting on cocktails, lists and posts
  • social sharing our lovely content
  • and much more

Cocktail Microbadges

As well as the usual key componenets of a cocktail such as ingredients, glass, method, name and more, cocktails also receive microbadges which help categorise the cocktail and give it more prestige on the site.

Some microbadges that a cocktail can receive include:

  IBA Official Drink     Savoy Cockail Book     In A List     Popular     Award Winner     Inventor     Loads o' Lists     Photo     Diffords 14 Key Ingredients     Comment     Cocktail Of The Day     Classic     Social Shared     IBA WInner     Difford Top 100     100 Cocktails To Try Before You Die     100 Cocktails To Try Before You Die (Part 2)     Difford's hall of fame  

We're always looking for more microbadges to add, to get even more information on a cocktail. Think you know a good one? Let us know and we'll do our best to add it in.


Just some of the lovely badges you can earn on the site.