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We offer many routes to market for brand owners, agencies and companies in the spirit industry.

Simply get in touch with us to see what we offer and how we can increase your brand awareness and customer base.

The form method

The direct mail approach

Marketing / advertising:

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are a great way to promote a new product and bring awareness to a new campaign. We offer the opportunity for companies to write sponsored posts with the following criteria:

  • The article / post needs to be accepted by our verification team before going live
  • The article / post needs to fit into our target demographic
  • We include the line "This blog post was sponsored by (brand name)" underneath the advertising section on the individual blog post
  • We need a royalty free / copyright free image to include with the blog post
  • All links include rel="sponsored" as part of the meta data
  • We also offer copy writing services as well, with the ability to write posts for your new marketing campaign.

Videos and give aways can be included in sponsored posts for an additional fee.

Brand Owners

Are you a brand owner looking to increase your online prescence? Or a specialist spirit owner who needs to increase its ingredient awareness? Or just after more publicity and marketing for your product? If so we can help!

We run a flexible affiliate scheme that often can cost the brand owner no monthly or yearly subsription, for a lifetime of product information and marketing.

Ingredient Listing

As a brand owner do we have your brand in our ingredient database? If not then you could be missing out on potentially thosuands of Make me a cocktail users from using your ingredient in cocktails.

All our ingredients have a full page listing, along with options to purchase the ingredient via our online sales partner - We can include background information, a large image of your brand along with a website link to your brand website.

Our ingredients also go through a substitution alogirthm when we process what recipes users can make, meaning that even if a user does not have your brand in stock, we show them possible recipes that they can make using your brand instead of a competitor brand that the cocktail would usually require.

Cocktail Recipes

Once your ingredient is in our database, we can then add a multitude of cocktails to the site that use your product, encouraging users to purchase the brand. Even if users do not have your brand currently in their stock, we still highlight these cocktails to show them what they could make if they bought your product.

All recipes feature back links to the ingredient listing, along with social media share options for users to share the brand specific recipe with facebook, twitter and google plus.


Once we have your brand specific cocktails on our site we can create a unique list associated to your product. Example lists include:

  • The Best Cocktails to Make with x Brand
  • Cocktails to sip to after a hard days work
  • Cocktails for party goers
  • Or a list that is bespoke to your target market and demographics.

All our brand orientated lists are marked as Make me a cocktail sponsored lists, giving them more crediance and also better visual placings throughout the site.

Weekly Email Digests

We send out weekly email digest to all members, that feature not only the most recently added cocktails and lists, both of which your brand can feature in, but also commentary where we can highlight new additions to the site.

All our members are drink focused individuals, so you know that you'll be hitting the right demographic for your product.

Can You Give Me Some Examples?

Sure, below is a brief list of some of the opportunites we can give to brand owners:

  • Adding cocktails that use the brands ingredient into our database
  • Adding lists that utilises the brands cocktails
  • Website link on the ingredient page linking to the brands website
  • A brand orientated list that includes only the brands cocktails, and includes the brands name in its title. This list is also shown on the home page under MMAC lists
  • Adding the brand orientated list as the first list on the listmania page
  • Weekly email digest inclusion for the brands cocktails and lists
  • Having one of the brands cocktails shown as the main cocktail on the home page
  • Keeping the brand orientated list present on the home page for a number of weeks
  • Posting of the brands cocktails and lists to our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ feeds, along with submitting them to stumbleupon and Pinterest
  • Adding the brands recipes to 'Recipe of the day'. Recipes of the Day gets shown on top spot on the recipes page, are posted to our twitter feed every day, and also added to our Cocktail of the Day RSS feed.
  • Creating specialised cocktails for the brand and taking high quality professional photos for the brand to use.
  • Adding the ingredient onto the 'Make a Cocktail With' on the home page.

Get in contact and include a brief description of your needs. Many of the above features we offer for free after consulting with the brand.

Rates and Purchasing

Please get in contact us regarding sponsored blog posts, where we can detail rates specific to your campaign.

Anything Else?

There are lots more that we can offer and tailor for each individual brands specific needs and wants. We have an active online social media presence (twitter, facebook and google plus) that can be used to highlight your brand or product to potentially millions of users. We are currently growing at an exponentail rate, and benefits for early adopters will be seen for many moons to come. We have key demographics on users of the site, along with key stats on website use and user journey throughout the site. We are a friendly team who love to help where we can and you can read more about us, and where we all began, here.