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Our premium membership is chock-full of mixology greatness,

Imagine wielding the power of our most advanced A.I. search - just type in what you desire, and like a wizard, it brings you exactly what you need.

Dive into the 'Cocktail Creator Plus', offering an expansive array of themes and the freedom to pick and choose ingredients to your heart's content.

Transform your physical bar into a digital masterpiece with 'Photo Your Bar', where a simple snapshot instantaneously populates your online collection, advising you on the delightful concoctions you can whip up.

We've been working hard, and keep on working hard, on producing great content and material for all our premium members. We think you'll love all the extra tools you get with the subscription.


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  • Everything from the free membership as well as ...
  • Powerful A.I. search Use our most powerful A.I. search, allowing you to simply type what you're after and we'll find it for you. Go Wizard level
  • Cocktail creator plus: Access to all our themes, and the ability to pick and choose ingredients to include.
  • Photo your bar Take a photo of your bar and we'll instantly fill your online bar, telling you what you can make
  • Ignore kitchen cupboard staples: No need to add every single kitchen item, we'll just assume you have the core basics
  • Personal My Bar image: All the ingredients you have added to your bar in a beautiful detailed bar graphic
  • No ads, no intrusions: Just beautiful website content
  • Brand powerhouse: Break down your bar even further, adding specific brands and unique ingredients to your bar
  • Power What to buy next: More detailed 'What to buy next', with more results and more powerful options
  • Early beta-features: Access to all our early beta-features first, trying them out before anyone else.