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Mulled Wine cocktail

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This delicious mixture of red wine and mulled spices has the ultimate scent of Christmas. It is possible that this drink dates as far back as the 2nd century, where wine was warmed up in Rome. However, it is most popular in the UK, and has been since Victorian times. It is popular around Christmas time thanks to its ability to warm people up on a cold, snowy day.// It is a recipe that is very much dependant on individual tastes, with the amount of spice added down to discretion. Added ingredients can include anything from orange slices, lemon slices, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, sugar and cloves.


Pour red wine into a saucepan, along with an orange (sliced in half), Demerara sugar, a dried bay leaf, one cinnamon stick and some grated nutmeg. Heat the mixture gently, until all the sugar has dissolved. Strain into a heatproof glass and serve.


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